Jailed for three years and six months

A Northumbria police officer has been commended for her work in bringing a man to justice who helped dishonest drivers to escape motoring convictions.

PC Fiona Wood, of Northumbria Police, led a three-year investigation into Syed Shahed Ahmed, who promised speeding drivers that he could make their points and fines disappear.

England’s motorways are changing

Highways England latest advice on vehicle breakdowns, variable speed limits, keeping left and not ignoring the “Red X.”

Police join forces with UK speed camera testing team

The team responsible for testing speed cameras in the UK, before they can be used to detect speeding drivers on the roads, have teamed up with Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland Safety Camera Scheme to mark the life-saving work of the technology.

NEW speed camera site

A new speed camera van core site came on line this week at:
• A5 / Magna Park (through the 40mph temporary roadworks)
To see the full list of camera sites visit: www.speedorsafety.com/mobile-camera-schedule/

Two drivers jailed for lying about speeding offences

If you lie about a red light or speeding offence, you could be jailed.
That’s the reality for these two men, who both spent Christmas behind bars after they attempted to blame their crimes on innocent people.
Had they admitted their wrongdoings at the first opportunity, the two individuals could have escaped with three penalty points and a £100 fine for each offence.
However, by providing false information they committed an offence of perverting the course of justice, and were subsequently jailed.
Link to the story: https://news.sussex.police.uk/news/two-drivers-jailed-for-lying-about-speeding-offences-349255

Road safety campaign targets mobile phone users

The Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland Road Safety Partnership (LLRRSP) has launched a hard-hitting campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of using a mobile phone whilst driving.

With 31 per cent of drivers admitting to using a mobile phone to either make or take a call, check texts, emails or social media while driving, the LLRRSP is keen to highlight that using a mobile phone whilst driving is illegal and could result in a fine of £200 and six penalty points. Even more worrying is that drivers are four times more likely to be involved in a crash if using a phone and reaction times of a driver are slower when texting and driving than that of someone drink driving.

The four week campaign, which launched this week, is designed to highlight to all drivers, particularly millennials, the dangers of using a phone at the wheel of a car, whether that’s taking a call, texting or even choosing some music.

For further information on the campaign, visit Facebook at:
Comedic video: https://business.facebook.com/322704741075923/posts/2133964946616551
Interview video: https://business.facebook.com/322704741075923/posts/2134028109943568

Three of the new Leicestershire average speed camera systems due to go live

Average speed enforcement in Walcote, Sharnford & Measham will start on September 10th, read the rest of this story:

Driver arrested on suspicion of dangerous driving following fatal collision

Two people died following a collision between two cars on the A46 in Leicestershire, read the rest of this story.

Driver jailed for attempting to blame her sister for crash

Pooja Solanki was driving along Uppingham Road in Leicester on October 4 last year when she swerved around a cyclist and smashed into another car.
After stopping briefly, Solanki, who had been disqualified from driving after a motoring offence in December 2016, fled the scene without leaving her name but an eagle-eyed passer-by got her car’s registration. Read the rest of this story.

M1 motorway closure

The M1 motorway will close to southbound traffic from 10pm on Friday 11 May and from midnight on the same day to northbound traffic.

This is to allow the installation of a new motorway bridge which is part of the planned Kegworth bypass that will alleviate HGV traffic from travelling through local villages. The work is part of wider infrastructure improvements at SEGRO Logistics Park East Midlands Gateway.

Highways England traffic officers will be on patrol to manage traffic flows and new signage is also being put in place ahead of the work to ensure motorists can plan their journeys before setting off.

Further details, including the temporary diversion route, are available here.