Mobile Camera Schedule

From August 2015 the mobile speed enforcement scheduling changed with an Speed Enforcement Officer and a van being allocated to an area, thus meaning that the vans could be on any site, this increases the visibility of the vans in all areas and provides the officers with greater flexibility as to where and when they can carry out mobile speed enforcement.

A444 Route: Fenny Drayton to M42 (Bike route)
Ashby Rd / Heather La, Normanton Le Heath (Community Concern)
A5 Route South: M69 to Lutterworth (Bike route)
A607 Newark Road, Thurmaston
A607 Norman Way, Melton Mowbray
A606 Nottingham Road, Melton Mowbray
A607 Melton Road, Waltham / Croxton Kerrial
A607 Melton Road, Waltham On The Wolds
A607 Melton Road 30mph & 40mph, Leicester
A512 Ashby Road 30mph & 40mph, Loughborough
A6 Derby Road, Loughborough
Nanpantan Road, 30mph & 40mph, Loughborough
A6004 Alan Moss Road, Loughborough
A563 Lubbesthorpe Way, Braunstone
A563 Braunstone Way, Leicester
A563 New Parks Way, Leicester
A50 Groby Road (40mph), Leicester
A6 Derby Road, Kegworth
A6 Loughborough Road, Birstall / Wanlip
A6 Abbey Lane, Leicester
Beaumont Leys Lane, Leicester
Station Road / Midland Road, Hugglescote (Community Concern)
B4667 Ashby Road, Hinckley (Community Concern)
B676 Six Hills, Broughton & Old Dalby (Bike route)
A6006 Route: Six Hills to Asfordby By-Pass (Bike route)
A607 Route: Rearsby By-Pass to Melton Mowbray (Bike route)
B5366 Saffron Lane, Leicester
A426 Aylestone Road, Leicester
A6030 Wakerly Avenue / Broad Avenue, Leicester
A563 Colchester Road / Hungarton Boulevard, Leicester
A47 Uppingham Road, Leicester
A47 Humberstone Road, Leicester
A47 Uppingham Road, (Spencefield Lane), Leicester
A47 Uppingham Road, Houghton On The Hill
A47 Route: Billesdon to East Norton
A594 St Georges Way, Leicester
A5199 Bull Head Street, Wigston
A5199 Leicester Road, Wigston
A5199 Welford Road, Leicester
B568 Victoria Park Road, Leicester
A6 London Road, Leicester
A6 Harborough Road, Oadby
A6 Glen Road, Oadby
A563 Asquith Way, Leicester
A563 Attlee Way, Leicester
A563 Glenhills Way, Leicester
B6047 South Route: A47 to A6 (Bike route)
B6047 North Route: Melton to A47 (Bike route)
A6003 Route: Oakham to Caldecott (Bike route)
Narborough Road, Huncote (Community Concern)
Glenfield Road, Leicester (Community Concern)
B586 Measham Rd, Moira (Community Concern)
A606 Stamford Road, Barnsdale
A47 Uppingham Road, Bisbrooke
A47 Uppingham Road / Main Road, Glaston
B668 Cottesmore, Road, Burley (Community Concern)
B668 Cottesmore Village (Community Concern)
Rogues Lane, Cottesmore (Community Concern)
B668 Greetham Road, Cottesmore (Community Concern)
B668 Oakham Road / Main Street, Greetham (Community Concern)
A6003 Rockingham Road, Great Easton (Community Concern)
A47 Peterborough Road, Barrowden
A47 Glaston Road, Morcott
B640 Stamford Road, Oakham (Community Concern)
Peckleton Lane, Desford (Community Concern)
A606 Melton Road, Langham (Community Concern)
B585 Bagworth Road, Newbold Heath (Community Concern)
Stocken Hall Road, Stretton (Community Concern)
Manton Road, Edith Weston (Community Concern)
Lyndon Road, Manton (Community Concern)
Leicester Road, Uppingham (Community Concern)
A6004 Ling Road, Loughborough (Community Concern)
Teigh Road, Ashwell (Community Concern)
Oakham Road, Ashwell (Community Concern)
Knossington Road, Braunston (Community Concern)
A606 Burley Park Way, Oakham (By-Pass) (Community Concern)
A6121 Bourne Road / Stamford Road, Essendine (Community Concern)
Old Great North Road, Great Casterton (Community Concern)
A606 Whitwell Road / Audit Road, Empingham (Community Concern)
A606 Main Road, Whitwell (Community Concern)
A6121 High Street 30mph, Ketton (Community Concern)
A6121 Stamford Road, South Luffenham (Community Concern)
A606 Tinwell (Community Concern)
A6121 Tinwell Road, Tinwell Village (Community Concern)
A6121 Stamford Road, Ketton NSL (Community Concern)
A6121 Stamford Road, Tinwell NSL (Community Concern)
A6121 Stamford Road 40mph, Ketton (Community Concern)
A6121 Luffenham Road 30mph, Ketton (Community Concern)
Main Street, Peckleton (Community Concern)
Arbor Road, Croft (Community Concern)
Croft Road, Cosby (Community Concern)
B4114 Leicester Road, Sharnford
B4114 King Edward Avenue, Narborough
B4114 Leicester Road, Enderby
B581 Broughton Way / Station Road, Broughton Astley
A4304 Lubenham Hill, Market Harborough
A4304 High Street / Kilworth Road, Husbands Bosworth
A4304 Lutterworth Road / Station Road, North Kilworth
Fosse Road South, Leicester
A47 Hinckley Road, Leicester
A5460 Narborough Road, Leicester
Braunstone Avenue / Fullhurst Avenue, Leicester
A5 Watling Street, Burbage (Stretton Bends 40mph)
A5 Watling Street, Hinckley (Lime Kilns / BP Garage 50mph)
B4666 Coventry Road, Hinckley
A447 Hinckley Road, Cadeby
A447 Swannington Road / Wash Lane 30mph, Ravenstone
A447 Wash Lane / Ibstock Road 40mph, Ravenstone
Leicester Road Ibstock
B5006 Tamworth Road, Ashby
A606 Melton Road, Whissendine (Community Concern)
A606 Melton Road, Langham (Community Concern)
B5003 Ashby Road, Norris Hill (Community Concern)
A4304 Main St, Lubenham (Community Concern)
The Common, Barwell (Community Concern)
B6540 High St / Hilltop, Castle Donington (Community Concern)
A563 Thurmaston Lane, Leicester (Community Concern)
Station Road, Market Bosworth (Community Concern)
B5003 Ashby Road, Moira (Community Concern)
A453 Walton Hill, Isley Walton (Community Concern)
Stapleton Lane, Barwell (Community Concern)
Westfield Lane, Rothley (Community Concern)
Cropston Road, Anstey (Community Concern)
Hall Lane, Whitwick (Community Concern)
Wyngate Drive, Leicester (Community Concern)
B4109 Rugby Road, Burbage (Community Concern)
Talbot Road, Whitwick (Community Concern)
A447 Ravenstone Road, Ibstock (Community Concern)
Desford Road, Newtown Unthank (Community Concern)
Measham Road, Oakthorpe (Community Concern)
Leicester Road, Groby (Community Concern)
Nottingham Road, Ashby (Community Concern)
Main Street, Swannington (Community Concern)
Roecliffe Road (40mph), Newtown Linford (Community Concern)
Ratcliffe Road, Sileby (Community Concern)
A6006 Wymeswold (Community Concern)
B5324 Ashby Road, Long Whatton (Community Concern)
A606 Burton Road, Melton Mowbray (Community Concern)
Main Street, Swithland (Community Concern)
Swithland Lane, Rothley (Community Concern)
A606 Nottingham Road, Ab Kettleby (Community Concern)
B582 Stoughton Road, Oadby (Community Concern)
Buckminster Road, Leicester (Community Concern)
Braunston Road, Oakham (Community Concern)
A6121 Ryhall (Community Concern)
B582 route: Newbold Verdon to A47 Desford crossroads (Community Concern)
Leicester Road, Measham (Community Concern)
A4303 Moorbarns Lane overbridge, Lutterworth (Community Concern)
A5/Magna Park (thru temp 40mph roadwks)
Walton Way, Mountsorrel (Community Concern)
Halstead Rd, Mountsorrel (Community Concern)
Prestwold La, Hoton (Community Concern)
Main St, Hemington (Community Concern)
Rugby Rd, South Kilworth (Community Concern)
B5003 Moira Rd, Shellbrook (Community Concern)
Bosworth Rd, Measham (Community Concern)
Newbold Rd, Barlestone (Community Concern)
Hedgerow La, Kirby Muxloe (Community Concern)
Ibstock Rd, Ellistown (Community Concern)
Bath La, Moira (Community Concern)
Ashby Rd, Measham (Community Concern)
Desford Rd, Kirby Muxloe (Community Concern)
B4116 Sheepy Magna (Community Concern)
Aston La, Sharnford (Community Concern)
Forest Rd, Narborough (Community Concern)
Heath La, Blackfordby (Community Concern)
A50 Groby Rd (30mph), Leicester (Community Concern)

Core Sites

Core sites are our formally established speed or traffic signal enforcement sites that were approved by the Department for Transport up until 31 March 2007.

After this date, core sites were agreed by the board of directors of the Leicester, Leicestershire & Rutland Road Safety Partnership.

Community Concern Sites

Community concern sites are locations that have been highlighted to us by the public because of concerns about excessive speed of traffic. The Safety Camera Scheme monitors the site and checks if there have been any collisions in the previous 3 years. Where evidence of a significant speeding problem is found, our mobile camera enforcement vans can be deployed to address the problem. We also check the collision history of each site we investigate for speeds and most of the community concern sites have had at least 1 injury collision in the last 3 years.