Community Speed Watch

Community Speed Watch is a programme to help people reduce speeding traffic in their community. It enables volunteers to work within their community to raise awareness of the dangers of speeding and to help control the problem locally using a combination of poster campaigns and a pledge system linked to direct action using radar speed guns and Vehicle Activated Signs.

Speeding Concerns

The Safety Camera Scheme receives lots of requests from communities and individuals asking for speed enforcement on their roads which are not approved camera sites. Requests for enforcement are made by concerned people who fear that speeding traffic in their area will eventually result in a collision or casualty.

If your concern about excessive speeding is outside the Leicestershire Police force area, which includes Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland, please contact the relevant Police force, local authority or Road Safety Partnership directly.

How We Can Respond

When the Safety Camera Scheme receives a ‘Community Concern’ request, the collision history of the site is investigated. This is because the Scheme’s policy for enforcement requires there to be both a collision history and evidence of speeding problem to justify deploying a speed camera. If collision figures at a location meet the criteria set out in our enforcement strategy, the Scheme will schedule a speed survey of the traffic to find out if speeding really is a problem. If there is both a collision and speeding problem at the site, the location will be added to our ‘Community Concern’ site list and will scheduled for enforcement (if there is a safe and suitable location to park the camera van) approximately every 12 weeks. If data from the speed survey reveals that speeding is not a problem at the site, no further action will be taken.

In most cases, the collision history does not meet the Safety Camera Scheme’s criteria to consider deploying a safety camera van. However, speeding could still be a problem at the site so a speed survey will be scheduled to gather data of the nature of speed of traffic on the road. If there is evidence of a speeding problem, the site data will be passed to Traffic Management at Leicestershire Constabulary who will request speed enforcement through the Local Policing Unit for the area; if the data reveals that there is good compliance of the speed limit, no further action will be taken.

Community Concern Site Request

If you wish to report a speeding concern in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland only, fill in the form below and the Safety Camera Scheme will follow up it up:

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