£1million speed camera upgrade

The Leicester, Leicestershire & Rutland Road Safety Partnership (LLRRSP) will be replacing its obsolete technology as it embarks on a major overhaul of its road side speed and red light cameras.
Work will commence later this month, at the first of the twenty two camera sites, which will see them upgraded from using 35mm wet film to more efficient digital technology.
It is proving unsustainable to operate our existing cameras as fewer companies are able to supply us with film and it is getting harder, and more expensive, to get replacement parts and servicing.
The digital upgrade, which will use wireless technology, will mean our speed and red traffic light enforcement will be more reliable.”
It is expected that the digital upgrade work will be completed by December 2018.

  • The first enforcement (red light) camera was installed in 1990 at the A4560 Narborough Road/Fullhurst Avenue in Leicester.
  • The majority of our speed and red light camera sites became operational between 1991 and 2005.
  • Our most recent camera site, on the A6/Loughborough Road near Quorn, became operational in 2012.
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