Collision, Casualty and Enforcement Information

Collision and Casualty Data

With the current Government’s commitment to increase transparency across the public sector the Department for Transport has requested that the Leicester, Leicestershire & Rutland Road Safety Partnership publish site specific information for each of its fixed speed camera enforcement sites.

The information includes annual collision and casualty data back to 1990 for the numbers of killed or seriously injured people and for all personal injuries.

Enforcement Information

The Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland Road Safety Partnership working with Leicestershire Constabulary has published the numbers of prosecutions arising from each fixed speed and red light camera enforcement site for 2010.

This data includes the total number of offences recorded at each camera site, including a breakdown of how these offences were dealt with. The data shows how many people accepted the Conditional Offer of Fixed Penalty, how many opted to attend a Speed Awareness Course and how many people were dealt with by way of a Magistrates’ Court hearing.

Partnership Totals

  Year Fixed Penalty Notice Driver Education Course Completed Court Summons Notices Cancelled Total
Leicester City 2016 2840 6674 1818 2647 13979
Leicestershire County 2016 5106 11570 2162 1769 20607
Rutland 2016 94 133 21 25 273
Highways Agency 2016 40 64 10 9 123
Police Force Area Total 2016 18441 8080 4011 4450 34982


This table includes all prosecutions from fixed speed, red light and core mobile camera sites.


Collision, Casualty and Enforcement Data